As a specialist in the homogenizing technology, Miccra GmbH is developing and manufacturing powerful, high quality and high speed dispersing-and homogenizing instruments.The MICCRA-Series disperses, homogenizes, emulsifies, suspends, cuts up and disrupts sample materials of nearly all kinds, based on the rotor-stator principle, but with higher performance.

BTX offers a comprehensive line of instruments, specialty electrodes and accessories for both the electroporation and electrofusion of mammalian, bacterial, yeast, fungi, insect and plant cells and tissues. BTX specializes in providing research tools for novel cutting edge applications such as adherent cell electroporation, high-throughput cloning, in vivo gene delivery, in ovo gene delivery, and in utero and ex utero gene delivery. 

Warner Instruments is a diverse group of multi-talented individuals who design, manufacture, market and distribute specialized biomedical instrumentation for Electrophysiological, Cellular and Neurological Sciences to the worldwide life sciences community

UVITEC Cambridge manufacture a complete range of Chemilluminescene and fluorescence gel/blot imaging systems. European made using high quality stainless-steel construction and unrivalled scientific cameras, these systems represent the highest quality imaging systems on the market.

Based in the UK, ITA Instruments develops equipment for laboratory-specific applications. Our range included NEW GENERATION OF HEATING ELEMENTS, and The Incentive™ Parallel Reactor Station which is the world’s most advanced Reaction Station. By means of our products, we want to make the workflows in the laboratory more efficient and more user-friendly.

Johnson Test Papers has been manufacturing easy to use rapid tests since 1938 providing fast and accurate results you can trust. Our broad range of products covers everything from simple pH testing, water analysis, production processes and measurements of special food parameters.

One of the leading companies of laboratory and biomedical technology equipment. CRYSTE symbolizes the purity indicating safety/precision/reliability, which values are the most important in research scientists.

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A market leader and pioneer of Laboratory Water Purification Systems in South Korea, with more than 60% of market share.