Your Gateway into Asia.

About Us:

Asia is a single continent with 60% of the world's population, scattered across more than 16 countries, each with its own different cultures, languages and business environments.

More importantly, it is home of some the world's largest economies, namely China, India and Japan.

It is this diversity that can present a challenge to many global companies trying to expand their presence in this fast growing region.

At Lab-Connex, we can help to bring together suitable companies as your partners to channel your products successfully into this market.

If you are thinking of expanding your business into Asia, or are facing challenges to bring your company into the next level, contact us now.

We have a highly qualified team that practically breathes and lives Asia.

Our credentials as below:

  1. Over a combined 40 years experience in the Asia Pacific market.
  2. Established numerous local entity setups – Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.
  3. Proven track records with multiple global brands.
  4. In-depth working experience within global MNCs, eg sales, marketing, operations and distribution management.
  5. Established strong brand presence in Asia Pacific, through direct or distribution channels.
  6. Recruitment of motivated distribution network across Asia Pacific region.
  7. Execution of localised sales and marketing strategies to achieve sustainable growths.